St Lawrence Church

Bigbury’s church (dedicated to St Lawrence) is partly early 14th century and partly as rebuilt by J. D. Sedding in 1872. Apart from the western tower topped by a spire very little is obviously medieval. The two monumental brasses are early 15th century. The baptismal font, sedilia and piscina are early 14th century, while the lectern and pulpit date from the following century. Both the lectern and pulpit were moved here from Ashburton church: the lectern is attributed to Thomas Prideaux and thought to be a donation of the Bishop of Exeter ca. 1510-15.

The Rev. Matt Rowland would like to bring to readers’ attention that services begin at 11 am on Sundays, as follows:-

First Sunday each month: Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
Second Sunday each month: Sunday worship
Third Sunday each month: Sunday Worship
Fourth Sunday each month: Holy Communion or Evening prayer

Please check the following website to confirm start times and for further information:

St Lawrence